a supernatural evening's entertainment 
About the Play

You’re an actor - a struggling one. You see an ​ad posted by a company seeking talent “for future consideration.” You submit your résumé. You hear nothing. You forget about it.  But then - sometime later - you get a call, summoning you to an ​out-of-the-way theatre, at a rather inconvenient time, for a rather peculiar audition.

Poor Players is a fantastical black comedy that ​revels in all that ​is eerie about Macbeth. Instead of witches, the equivocating fiends are numinous forces bedeviling actors at an audition. The audition is for Macbeth and the actors are competing for the title role.

All the phantasmagorical sleight-of-hand that ensues is presided over by the director, one Alfie Hackett. Alfie has a unique concept ​for ​his production of the play, and it calls for a special kind ​of actor ...

This "supernatural evening's entertainment" is a mordant parlor game riff on Macbeth's lament for an actor that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. Our poor players get about an hour and forty-five minutes, with no intermission.​​ 

There are seven roles. Setting and characters are contemporary. 
Macbeth, Act I, sc. iii