a supernatural evening's entertainment 
It waits in the wings...
A solitary ghost light glows on an empty stage in an empty theatre. Theatrical lore says it’s there to provide the theatre’s spirits a little comfort in the dark - or to keep their malevolence at bay. Just who (or what) might this lonely beacon be coaxing from the shadows to come out and play?

Every theatre is haunted. Every actor has a ghost story. As for the infamous Macbeth curse, need we elaborate? Four-hundred years and counting of bad luck, disaster, and death. Kitschy nonsense to some. Deadly serious business to others. But one thing about Shakespeare’s play is undeniable: ​the sheer terror it evokes whenever we truly attend to it.

The dread of a numinous evil that is undeniably out there, waiting in the wings, beyond explanation and beyond our control. The unseen forces that stalk us and know us better than we know ourselves. Macbeth tries to resist these forces but ultimately embraces them, identifying with an evil he initially denied.
Poor Players invites us to consider this most frightening aspect ​of the Scottish play in a diabolical brew of magic and mystery, illusion and delusion, and just a drop of Grand Guignol.
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